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Submission for the Unreal Engine 2018 Summer Game Jam

Team Name: Perkerakia

Game Name: Purito

Game Description:

As a space time traveling kitten, full of ambition and enthusiasm, you are on a quest to find and enslave the most suitable entity in the universe, in order to force them to worship and feed you. However, the path is perilous and full of dangers.

In Purito, in order to win, you must survive the endless zombie hordes that storm towards you until the portal opens to enter the next era. Of course, there is a variety of powerful weapons at your disposal to make your life easier.

Purito is an Isometric Twin-Stick Survival Shooter Game.


Game Controller

Left Thumbstick or D-Pad for Movement

Right Thumbstick for Shooting (right trigger button as well)

Left Shoulder Button for Grenade

Left Trigger Button for Pulse

A Button for Jumping

Start for Menu

(Gamepad Troubleshooting: If it is problematic on USB 3, use USB 2.0)

List of Pre-Jam Assets:

  • Sounds - We used SFX from Soundly and a Meow Sound from Ex Machina
  • Music - Heaven and Hell by Jeremy Blake & Gaia in Fog by Dan Bodan
  • Particles - 3 from Infinity Blade Effects and 1 from Content Samples
  • LUT Textures - We are using a few Textures from the Free LUT Tables Pack found on the UE4 Forum
  • Font - Chunq by Bud White

The rest of the Assets/Blueprints/Etc were created by us during the Game Jam

Install instructions

No installation needed, just download and unzip anywhere you desire and run the SummerJam2018.exe


AthensGamesFestival2018 Purito v0.1.1 70 MB
Purito v0.1 64 MB

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